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Humminbird ] 981 Installation & Operation Manual: Transom Transducer Installation

Transom Mount Transducer Basics by The GPS Store - Продолжительность: The GPS Store, Inc. 8 просмотров. Tips 'N Tricks Understanding Transducer Installation Location - Продолжительность: Doug Vahrenberg просмотров.   Tips 'N Tricks Understanding the Humminbird AS SI DB Y Cable - Продолжительность: Doug Vahrenberg 42 просмотра. B60 Transducer Install - Продолжительность: Fish On Forte 9 просмотра. Humminbird Transom Mount Transducer More Secure, Especially At High Force Of Waves Compact Dual/Side Imaging 20/60/ Degree 20/83/ kHz Built In Temperature 20' Cable Works With: C2 SI C Hummingbird Transducer XNT 9 SI T. $  Great working condition! Only need mounting hardware for screwing mount into transom. This is the side scan, sonar and down scan transducer. Includes hummingbird power cable. Humminbird Xtm9SiT Transducer Xtm 9 Si T $
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